Friday, January 23, 2009


counterpoint to schumer i guess- gov. paterson picks kirsten gillibrand to replace mrs. clinton. i am not terribly happy that she's a blue dog democrat but she got a good civil liberties rating- so, fine until 2010. schumer is from new york city- fairly diverse. gillibrand- not so much. upstate new york is largely rural and largely white. i can see why paterson wanted a counterpoint. upstate is usually ignored in favor of the city.

but boy, she represents a reallllyyyyy rural part of the state. it's like 'deliverance' almost. i visited a part of delaware county as part of my job- they have a duck crossing in the middle of their two lane, barely paved, windy, twisty road. and i grew up rural but damn! seriously, there are parts of new york that don't get cell phone service or cable or barely running water and electricity. i suppose because we are part of apalachia? no, that was a joke that was at the expense of folks who have nothing. sorry.


Unknown said...

Damn, thanks for scaring the shit out of me so early on a Friday Morning...deliverance?

WeezieLou said...

yeah, it ain't too diverse up there. but there are issues upstate that apply well to many areas of the country, so maybe her areas of policy expertise will overcome the 'deliverance' factor....? we can only hope.

i was pro-kennedy, but boy, that got flubbed big time.