Wednesday, November 19, 2008

not feeling the magic

is it just me that's worn out and feels like they're on the verge of getting sick? i have little desire to think about writing anything these days. is it because 2008 is winding down and feels worn out and needing to be thrown away? sigh. perhaps it's the disillusion that we have to wait until mid-january before bushco goes away or perhaps it's because obama is seriously considering the clintons for anything.

perhaps the biggest reason is that i still am out of sync with most other americans. i have been trying to be positive and i am trying to hope for the best when it comes to obama. but in reality, little has changed. the right is regrouping and the hangers on and think tankers are in full attack mode. the left is still swooning because we desperately want some good news- any good news- coming out of the nightmare that has been bushco. and the same politics as usual is going on at capital hill. and i am not seeing change in the obama cabinet- just a recycle of the clinton years. sigh.

i can't even come up with half hearted haiku. and my morning cuppa went cold. and i am worried about money for the first time in awhile- and the cats are driving me nuts. happy wednesday.


dawn said...

I think were all worried , I've lost most of my 401k, oh well. Lets think like this things can only get better. Cheer up my friend and have a great day

Unknown said...

betmo, I think you and I are on a few of the same pages, here. I'm thinking part of that sinking feeling is that, even if Obama IS the second coming (cough-cough-spew), we all still have to wait for Bubbles and teh boyz to get the &^%$ out of the way. In the meantime, the Chimpmeister is trying to do all those last minute criminal things he had apparently been putting off in hopes of a McCain win and we are watching aghast at some of the choices the new Golden Boy is making in preparation of taking over the Big Boy seat. I'm watching some of the blogs that just KNEW Obama was our savior running into brickwalls making excuses for the choices their new pal is making and I'm shaking my head going "I told ya so..." (sigh). I got enough crap going on in my real life to keep me occupied for the a little while. But, sitting around waiting on the Obama transition is like watching paint dry with an occasional "splooge" where you determine that it's not worth it anymore to get excited because even if you do what you can to fix it, more "splooges" will show up after the paint has dried, pretty much rendering you useless anyway. And yet and still, things could be worse, so I keep my chin up because I can't stand tear drops in my morning cuppa.

Unknown said...

Wow, I am feeling lots of conflicting emo's lately about the political landscape too.

I do not get a 'morning cuppa' today..getting an upper GI later this afternoon...damn it.

Frederick said...

When I find myself feeling enthused about how things are going I have to stop myself. Reeks of complacency.

fjb said...

With Rahm-a-damma-ding-dong as chief of staff it looks like AIPAC will be dictating Middle East foreign policy, as usual. The more things change the more they stay the same. Crap.

billie said...

and a clinton in the cabinet at state- the aipackers must be having a party to rival aig.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

It's called Buyer's Remorse.

We "got it."

Are we sure we want it anymore?

Fran said...

it's a long 59 days till we kick out the shrub,
It's gonna get worse before it gets better.
at least we will get the major sweeping changes.... no more torture.
shut down gitmo.
a whole different direction.
don;t expect nirvana....
think of the huge mess Obama inherits.
hang in there
send your ideas & suggestions.

so easy to bitch about what is wrong....
come up with solutions.

Think about this-- if Clinton fucks up as SOS, she can be fired.