Thursday, December 06, 2007


don't read this article if you are happy in denial

suzie q- america, land of 371 billionaires and 3.5 million homeless


Larry said...

This is a pathetic display of a nation of rogue elitists who cater to the dozens of billionaires, while chastising the masses of homeless.

landsker said...

A similar ratio of decadence and despondency existed in France, just prior to the revolution, where the elites were parted from their estates, and from their pretty coiffures.
Same goes for Russia, just before the Tsars got "removed". Allthough the removals did get extreme, swapping one bunch of tyrants for the next.
Putin seems to be ok though.
Roumania too, had a problem with the Ceaucescu family, until the miltary stepped in and changed the regime.
There always will be social variety, and some will always get more than others, but in the 21st century, to have so many children without homes is scandalous.