Monday, December 03, 2007

toolin' around the google reader

monday morning is here. snow is melting into slush- because we got rain. anyhoo- hubby is still disgustingly sick with his cold but i feel better. i managed to ward it off and only had a wee post nasal drip thing. so- i happened upon jollyroger's post about the hypocrisy of bush investigating putin for election fraud or some such nonsense. who do they think that they are kidding? anyway, my bigger question is- why, why are they still pretending to be legitimate? the secret is out- they are their own brand of mafia- we got it. we don't- and the world doesn't- need to continue the charade. apparently, we are stuck with these folks to the bitter end thanks to useless democrats in congress and elsewhere. lewis black did a show on 2007 last night on comedy central- and he basically said we should vote for santa claus for president because there isn't one candidate running who will unite this divided country. he also called folks who are still dumbocrats and rethuglicans- i believe the word was 'delusional'. not very funny stuff but these are not funny times. we live in cardboard houses and drive fiberglass cars and accumulate cheaply made stuff that poisons our children and our environment. and we think that we are kings and queens of the world. perhaps lewis was right after all. we are delusional.

i must have missed my dose of whatever drug we took as a country.

addendum: i must learn to post after i finish reading- my other question is- what good is knowing all of this 'truth' that is hitting the news? don't get me wrong- we should have the truth and it's about oh at least 7 years late coming- but with wave after wave of corruption and what not coming out- who cares? i mean really, at this point, who is going to do anything about anything? are we, the people, going to do anything? not likely. it's evident that the yahoos we elected to represent us- don't. so- what are we going to do with all of that truth?


Unknown said...

Amen and amen! So-o-o right!

Re: camel spiders: They aren't as large as they appear in the photograph. The shot was made close to the spiders so they appear much larger in relation to background soldiers. Wikipedia and other resources claim they get to be "only" five inches across. Still quite large as most spiders go. Daughter Jo encountered one in Iraq and was very frightened of the creature. She found that even a round mound of sound like herself could move quite speedily when fleeing from a camel spider.

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proudprogressive said...

we and the people like the aclu and the center for constitutional rights are gonna sue and hound these people till the end of our days, until the record is set straight and the guilty are given their proper place in history if not prison. If not - our continued disent into fascism will become more blantant still, and the "great experiment" will historical come to be known as ending in utter failure..brought to us by the Friedmanites who would privitize everything and call the Constitution a god damned piece of paper.

jmsjoin said...

It doesn't do any good to know the truth. Lying is the new truth. That and following their destructive new order agenda is all they care about. i am sick of them judging others of things they are guilty of.
they can do whatever they want to but no one else can. I couldn't believe they accused Putin after what they did to us. i think I wrote about it yesterday but while Putin, Chavez, and others try to manipulate the system Bush being the sole decider simply makes new rules and takes what he wants.
I say it often but watch 2008 he is yet to do his greatest damage. I wrote a bit about Rove's audacity today criticizing Dems for being big spenders. What the hell? And what is he up to advising Obama how to defeat Hillary?