Wednesday, December 12, 2007

kucinich 2008

weepin' jesus on the cross! i have had it! i am beyond crabby because i am sick and tired of lying, cheating, stealing, corruption and most of all-- greed. why does everything have to be corrupt and underhanded? why can't we have real debates for real people who really want to represent the people of america? if there were any republicans or democrats in this room right now with me- i would rip them not only new assholes- but any other holes that needed widening or just make new ones. fucking ridiculous. these 'people' pay lip service to change and saving democracy and all of that happy horseshit- meanwhile they laugh behind the scenes as they work to maintain the status quo with the entire planet hanging in the balance. nice priorities. what pray tell has gotten my panties all in a bunch? reading in my google reader again. since i am on a self imposed news blackout (and now you see why) i catch up on fellow bloggers- who are apparently the reason that the world has gone to hell not bush and cheney- and i happened upon this gem at blue bloggin'

"Today in Iowa, Dennis Kucinich was informed by the Des Moines Register that he will not be invited to attend the final Iowa debate before the caucus."

why? you may ask- as i did- well, because of the stupidest reason i have encountered yet-

"because Dennis did not formally open an office with paid staff in Iowa."

so- this is democracy in action. kick out a viable candidate because he relied on volunteers who believed in his vision- not because he did anything untoward or wrong. nice. so- i got pissed and decided i would post about dennis kucinich in spite of him not being on the air to be heard. i am asking that today and tomorrow each blogger out there do the same- whether you endorse him as a candidate or not. stand up for freedom of speech and democracy by getting out the platforms and issues. if we don't, who will?

  • Dennis Kucinich is the only democrat running for President who has voted against authorizing the war in Iraq and against funding its continuation.
  • Dennis Kucinich is the only candidate for President with a plan for a Universal, Single-Payer, Not-for-Profit health care system.
  • Dennis Kucinich will lead America into expanding opportunities, universal health care, restore our schools and strengthen Social Security and protections for private pensions.
  • A corrupt campaign finance system, coupled with vulnerable electronic voting have eroded America's confidence in our elections. The USA Patriot Act and secret strategy meetings to set policy tear into the very concept of We the People. As President, Dennis will protect individual liberty and privacy and restore balance and fairness in America's electoral system.
  • As the world population soars towards eight billion, critical issues of survival face all of us. Living on a planet of finite resources means that human life can not be sustained indefinitely without careful thought and compassion coupled with political courage.
  • Huge, multi-national corporations ship American jobs overseas, turn a blind eye to human rights abuses and hide behind their lobbyists in Washington. Read more about Dennis' plan to instill ethics, accountability and fairness in global trade and big business.

dennis kucinich for president 2008


jmsjoin said...

For not feeding the local economy. That is sickening. All this crap is and it sucks that it is all condoned. We the people with our naive honesty are on our own.
Those underhanded Politicians like everyone else in authority are out for themselves! This mess is unbelieveable! just remember looking at this still just beginning nightmare that the little shrub ran saying he would bring honesty and cooperation back to Washington. Shit!

Anonymous said...

Kucinich is the only candidate I have ANY interest in supporting.

WeezieLou said...

great points!! rant on!

Daniel said...

Hey, Betmo, he sounds like he's a cut above the average candidate. America can't afford to make a mistake again.


John Good said...

I'm with ya - and equally frustrated.

Larry said...

They locked Gravel out a few debates ago and now getting rid of Kucinich silences the two who spoke the absolute truth about the other candidates, and about how this government is run.

landsker said...

When Kucinich was a child, I understand that his father was so poor, the entire family lived for a while in a motor car.
Which doesn`t mean that much, but at least the guy has empathy with the poor.
If the homeless had a vote, I`m sure it would go to him.

enigma4ever said...

really great rant- well written and dead right...and so unfair...