Tuesday, December 04, 2007

it's winter time

almost. the 21st or close to it i think. winter solstice is fast approaching- and for some reason, i am enjoying the nasty weather this year. i think it's because i know it's supposed to be chilly and snowy and cold- and it is. the last oh 2 or 3 winters- it has been unseasonably warm- and that worries me. so- i am getting ready to immerse myself in wrapping gifts for family and friends. yes, we get together with them where and when we can and share a meal- and gifts for the kids. we aren't decorating and whatnot this year- as we are home improving and we just don't want to. but we will eat like pigs and enjoy our family and friends- which is really what the celebrating at this time of year started out as. so-off i go. stay warm- have some cocoa.


Larry said...

Enjoying those around you is better than gifts anyway.

Just don't leave out all that homemade fudge.

Phil said...

Yeah, our winter was stupid mild last year. But so far, this year it's a return to type. I wonder if we'll get any snow?

Spadoman said...

I like the eating like pigs part. That sounded like fun.

We're bringing the old pictures with us and going to get everyone around the table as we look at them and see who remembers what. I'm sure that some will fill in the blanks about this one or that one. Always some smiles when we see ourselves young."Look how skinny I was" will just make me eat more like a pig.

Peace to All.