Saturday, November 24, 2007

please read

naomi wolf



jmsjoin said...

hey betmo
I read this and saw a few interviews. You might have seen my post on this. You know it is right on and a lot worse.
I included the video of Faux news interview if you want to call it that of Naomi by John Kasich. It was sickening the way he ridiculed, chastized, and shut he off. That crap by these underhanded enablers is why we are in so much trouble and powerless to get the truth out through this Repug disinformation campaign.
I am going to link to Life's Journey now!

jmsjoin said...

okay betmo we're linked. you're right up there with enigma and the sirens chronicles. I was just exploring your stuff, very good!

billie said...

you are too kind :) thank you.

Frederick said...

My Dad just picked up "The End of America." I'm going to steal it from him the next time I catch him snoozing when I'm over at his house.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'm just not ready yet to lead the choir in a verse of "The Sky Is Falling!"

Larry said...

This is a great book which I would recomend to anyone.