Monday, November 26, 2007

beef jerky and candied orange peel

yes- an odd combination i agree but they shared a common fate today- they passed through my kitchen. for some reason, this was an unusually busy monday. first part of the day was devoted to work and fam- and then i came home. :) i generally make goodies for the holidays for reasons expressed over the last few posts. i have a few mainstays that i always have to make for the family and friends- jerky, double decker fudge, and ginger bread cookies. no- candied orange peel doesn't factor into any of those :) i figured i would make my own because i am trying out a new fruitcake bites cookie- a cakelike cookie with bits of candied fruit- and i hate preserved crap from the store- it's like eating rubber. so- i have spent the better part of my evening cutting up jerky meat to marinate and making candied orange peel. and here i am. thanks to all for stopping by- i am sorry i have no words of wisdom this evening- but i promise to have something for tomorrow's sirens post- honest dusterella :)


Gadfly said...

Sounds like I'd love your kitchen.

Thank you for your comment on our blog.I'm glad you liked it. So many compliments encourages me to write more often. You know I hardly ever post. Old Worried is always trying to get me to but I just don't.

billie said...

well, goddamnit! you should ;) the kitchen is the fun part- the rest of the house is in a bit of an uproar :) too bad we don't have smellonet instead of just plain internet :)

Larry said...

A new one on me, jerky and fudge.