Friday, November 02, 2007

ahh those phony soldiers

they have a way of coming back home and messing up a perfectly good war. i mean really- the administration is doing its damnedest to have iraq look like nothing short of a miracle- and the folks who actually fought over there (so the terrorists wouldn't come here) are mucking it all up. please go and vote for the 2007 weblog awards- and take a peek at the nominees here

army of dude

"When I was a kid I watched Rush with my dad every morning when he was still on TV and always found him pretty funny and clever. Over the years I didn't have a very concrete opinion about him, I just knew him as the kooky conservative radio host who defended Bush at every turn (and hey, so did I). What did Rush and I have to lose when the war in Iraq started in 2003? I didn't have any family in the military, and all my friends were too young to even enlist. Why not go kick the shit out of a country, as long as someone else was doing it? This was the last time Rush and I would agree on the war, so here's my opinion of you, Rush: you're as smart, selfless and courageous as I was as a 17 year old high school senior."


Larry said...

Those words are being far too kind to Bush.

Spadoman said...

Reading the excerpt from the rush show is as close as I'll get to listening to it. He, and the right wing assholes that support this war frustrate me to the point of making me want to vomit!

But it sells radio advertising, and in the capitalist/fascist state, that is all powerful, and that frustrates me to the point of making me want to vomit, again.

So, you see it's a vicious cycle and I don't have much left in my stomach. I'm going to go eat something before I turn into skin and bones and dehydrate.

The military blogs are a wonderful find. Thanks Batmo

Spadoman said...

I've been going down the list of "Best Military Blogs" that are in the running for the 2007 Weblog awards. You linked to them with "Army of Dude". Dude had the list of finalists on his site.

Some damn good reading. Left wing, right wing, pro war, anti war. Really lets you see perspective. And makes me wonder how someone could actually like killing and destruction.

The point I need to make is that when I was fighting in the war in Vietnam, we didn't have electricity, let alone a fucking computer to blog on. If someone had a camera, we never had time to pull it out and film or take pictures while engaged in a firefight.

I guess I thought the life and death situation of getting attacked or trying to defend yourself and your fellow soldiers from bullets was far more paramount than taking pictures of a guy shooting his rifle at someone.

As far as having the same things that you'd have at home, cooked meals, served by civilians, like in a cafeteria restaurant; electricity for mp3's, computers and TV; and cell phones, I just can't see any similarity to Vietnam and the jungle experience.

But having to kill or be killed and watching civilians die, seeing and causing the destruction of a Nation and generally being caught up in war is exactly the same and can create the same emotion in 2007 as it did in 1969, 1952, 1942, 1917 and so on and so on.

Thanks for the platform.

This is some good reading. Go to Army of Dude, scroll down and read some of these blogs next time you're bored. A lot more there than "I walked my freaking dog yesterday and it crapped on the neighbors lawn". Then again, reading about the dog is a lot safer for my own psyche, I can tell you that, and I do need to be coddled in such a manner more often as this war and world situation is taking its toll.

Peace to all.

fjb said...

Thanks for the link to "Dude". What an awesome blog, I read posts for over an hour. I've visited some of the other nominee blogs before and check out The Sandbox regularly, but after reading this one for a while, I went and voted for him.

landsker said...
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landsker said...

12:52 PM

landsker said...
War is like a boxing match, both activities need two willing opponents, a venue, and a purse.
Just like a prizefight, there are promoters, trainers and hangers on, and an audience.
Like boxers, soldiers in the opposing teams get hurt, injured, and sometimes killed.
Some of the injuries stay for a lifetime, all in the name of sport.

Of course, in boxing as in war, the promoters and management stay well clear of the fighting, as they prefer to keep their hands free to count the money, which is usually the sole reson for their involvement.

The management of both activities is generally carried out by the rich, whilst the actual fighting is done by the poor.
In both activities, the participants are led to believe that what they are doing is brave and noble and skillful.
Until they are injured, or start loosing, at which point, they are usually discarded and forgotten.

Cynical Sunday, innit?

8:50 AM