Thursday, April 26, 2007

thinking blogs

my pain in the a- uh i mean my best blog buddy- tua over at the future was yesterday honored me with a thinking blogger award- and i am humbled. which means i have the arduous task of picking only 5 of the thinking bloggers i read every day. here goes:

dusty over at it's my right to be left of center

the unruly mob over at les enrages

alaskababy over at states-a-mind

uncommon sense over at uncommon sense

just me over at ramblings from the outside of nowhere

man- this is hard. folks may think i blow smoke up people's behinds when i say i read most if not all of the blogs on the sidebar- but it's true. i don't always comment but i enjoy starting my day with a nice hot cuppa and a stroll down the blogs to catch up. all of these blogs- and all of these wonderful bloggers deserve the award. thanks for all of the work you do!


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Your PIA again.

I screwed up the rules of The Thinking Blogger. It should have read:

Those who have been tagged, should now list five blogs that they themselves find makes them think, leave a comment on that person's blog telling them they have been tagged as well as also including a link to this post (Yours), so that people can easily find the origin of this award. I apologize for my error.

Granny said...

I do far more reading then commenting these days.

I'll try to check out your choices.

btw, "Future" nailed us too. My list is up; don't know when WA and Gadfly will do theirs.