Thursday, September 10, 2015

this journey is ending

in 2006, i started this blog and launched myself into uncharted waters...over the years, i learned much about myself and met many real and interesting people....had my share of debates :) and did my share of fluffy cat posts :)

and along my journey i meandered until i got tired....i got tired of fighting people i thought were on the same side as i....and the blogosphere changed and the internets changed....and i lost my love of blogging....and i lost people i loved....

one thing i did learn quickly about blogging and the internets- relationships do form and bonds can be just as tight with 'cyber buddies' as in 'real life'....and i became a part of people's lives i never met face to face...and they mine...and i started losing them....bro tim, dan'l, spadoman....and it kind of cut the soul out of my words....

i wander over here from time to time and the itch is sometimes there....but i can't blog here...this place with my memories...and my words have changed and grown and started to meander in a different direction....but this place is still here and will always be here as part of my heart....

this is for my buddy- spadoman...

When you wake up
Turn your radio on
And you'll hear this simple song

That I made up
That I made up for you

When you're driving
Turn your radio up
Cause I can't sing loud enough
All these days
To get my message through

If time is all I had
I'd waste it all on you
Each day I'll turn it back
It's what the broken hearted-do
I'm tired of talking to an empty space
Of silences keeping me awake

When you marry and you look around
I'll be somewhere in that crowd
Torn up that it isn't me
When we're older and the memories fade
I know I'll still feel the same, yeah
For as long as I live

And if time is all I had
I'd waste it all on you
Each day I'll turn it back
It's what the broken hearted-do
I'm tired of talking to an empty space
Of silences keeping me awake

Won't you say my name one time
Please, just say my name

And if time is all I had
I'd waste it all on you
Each day I'll turn it back
It's what the broken hearted-do
I'm tired of talking to an empty space
Of silences keeping me awake

If time is all I had
I'd waste it all on you
Each day I'll turn it back
It's what the broken hearted-do
I'm tired of talking to an empty space
Of silences keeping me awake

Won't you say my name
When the song is over?


TOM said...

You added much more than the average blog. Maybe you were to sensible to be a daily read blog. Seems the most popular blogs are the screamers and fanatics from both/all sides. Always enjoyed your blog and your other blog.
I ended my blog(s) a long time ago. First I was attacked by the right, then the left. I guess that means I was doing something right? Besides, I got way to big, 100's of comments everyday, most attacking me for anything I said. My claim to fame was; Time magazine recommended my blog, that's when the attacks started. No surprise, and I did have fun with it for a while.
Good luck to you!

Anne said...

Aloha, Betmo
Just dropped by to say thanks for the memories and yeah, Spadoman's death still messes with me too.
Wishing you peace, Annie

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