Saturday, September 04, 2010

ooh- let me just say that i love discovering van morrison's music. i am working my way through the 1970's right now and i recently bought 'hard nose the highway' and 'veedon fleece'- saint dominic's preview is next on the list :) those particular cds have turned out to be perfect for the transition of summer into autumn. it is really tough to describe listening to each song for the first time and letting the lyrics and music wash over. so- i won't. i'll just encourage folks to listen when they can because the man is a master. he has been since day one. indeed.


Frank Partisan said...

Van Morrison is great.

I have a post on my blog, I'm interested in your opinion, about a labor party in the US.

Dave Dubya said...

The Belfast Cowboy never fails to resonate. Remember when he was on the Band's album Cahoots? He co-wrote 4% Pantomime. Yet another great song.