Sunday, July 04, 2010

facebook and me

many folks join facebook for the oh, socializing aspects of it i suppose- and the ability to find just about anyone you are looking for on the planet. of that, folks should be careful- you might just well find them :) of course, that's what the 'hide' function is for.... but that isn't my point...

i have met the nicest strangers while on facebook. i really can't complain. i originally set out to 'friend' all of my blog buddies and for the most part, i was lucky enough to do so. my blog buddies are the ones who encouraged me in my video game addiction- well, one buddy in particular (and bro tim knew who he was :)- and told me to go out and just randomly friend people for the particular game i was playing. lord knows i was short of neighbors then for farmville :)

now, a few hundred neighbors and practically the entire zynga nation later, i have to say, you can tell quite a bit about a person by the way they play a game. i have met more generous people lately than i thought existed. folks who give away gifts when they could sell them to add to their electronic coin stash- folks who genuinely connect with each other over the chat waves.

it's almost as good as blogging :) almost, because there isn't a forum or the format for any lengthy writing on facebook. it's instant gratification instead of a leisurely stroll. but, at least i can link to my chit chatting over here- so it's all good :)


Unknown said...

Facebook is fun but my blog is a work of love. :-)

Georg said...

Very interesting, Betmo. I never went to Fb because of this friends business. I mean being asked by people I know to join them there. Generally I answered if you want me, write me something personal don't sent a Facebook no-reply-mail.

Now I am reading that FB is in reality a personal data vending machine. So I keep staying out.


jmsjoin said...

Have fun Billie!

Spadoman said...

I am proud to be one of your Facebook friends.