Wednesday, March 17, 2010


of grandeur and whatever else- i ain't got 'em anymore. i haven't been around much on any blogs- i just haven't had much to say. i know, it's shocking- but it really is true. perhaps with the advent of spring i will be more chatty- but i can't say ;)

i have been doing quite a bit of soul searching and thinking though. i think it's good to reflect and do some inner work once in awhile. unfortunately, in the throes of winter- it can turn to brooding- which is where i have been. so, the sun shines and i am on the path to a better mood :) mom and i have been turning some things over as we come upon current events of interest- and i have decided that many in my generation- generation x as we have been dubbed- are pretty much useless. yep. many boomers are too but at least that generation had its share of volunteers and general do gooders out of the liberal hippies. the 'me' generation of the 1980's- well, that's pretty much what we are. how can i get what i want? how can this situation maximize benefits for me? how am i going to get my suv into the mcmansion i just had to have?

yep. i graduated from a class of i guess 280 kids or so- i would love to see how many of them don't have their heads stuck up their asses and who are looking progressively towards the future for their children. or themselves even. i know quite a few of my peers who have never married- perhaps because they couldn't see past themselves to find the right person? not for me to say...

i know a handful of folks from my high school days and a few are good souls- i could rake a few over the coals but what good would that do? they have live roughly 38 years on the planet and haven't changed much in that time- or at least the 20 odd years i have known them. i really hope that the current generation unplug from their ipods and take a break from tweeting long enough to see that we have generally fucked things up on this planet and far from having an ever easier time of it- it is going to get rough right quick. technology isn't the cure all for everything and indeed, as i well know, is distracting. we cannot sustain our way of doing things- and i am not simply talking energy- more importantly, growing food and using water as we have over the last 100 years or so.

generation x is in active denial- i just hope that their kids- or nieces and nephews or whoever- aren't.....


Unknown said...

Well, it's looking like you have things to say again! Good thing cuz I like to read what you have to say.

I'm not really sure what my own generation is called. I was 17 in '76. There's a about that year called Dazed and Confused and it's actually quite an accurate depiction of the times. They were mosstly a bunch of nit-wits. I'm guessing the majority are no different from the X generation. I have never been to a high school reunion and I never will. I really burned that bridge as soon as the horrible high school experience was over, with exception to two good friends. One of them is to this day, like a sister. Otherwise, there's no going back.

Although I kinda did go back a bit there, didn't I? ;-)

Georg said...

Bonjour Betmo,

You are one of those few persons whose tragic is funny.

3I could rake a few over the coals": sounds funny but what does it mean?

Try some outdoor sports, Betmo. Would do you good.


billie said...

mmm.. bonjour george :) i guess i do have some colorful sayings :) raking over the coals means to light them up- set them on fire- put them in the hot seat :) i could really take them to task for the lousy human beings that they are. verbally, of course :) i do intend to take your advice and get outside- now that the weather is more springlike. i am most decidedly not a winter cold type person. :) hope you are well...

David G. said...

Ah, bonjour, Betmo! Just a quick note to let you know that Seeking Utopia is up and running again. Lots of peace and beauty are waiting for you when you feel the need!

I hope the end of winter brings new horizons your way. Those who miss the old Betmo are still waiting for her to return in some form or other with all her energy and initiative and compassion.

Take care!