Wednesday, February 03, 2010


good lord! could my doldrums get any worse? my head is foggy; my sinuses hurt--- and i have no motivation for anything. plus, it's f*****g cold. sigh.......


David G. said...

Betmo, I did not expect to find you in such despond!

I am more than halfway through radiology for cancer and I'm feeling somewhat elated. Well, sort of.

At least the Winter of your Discontent will soon come to an end and besides, you have Obama as your President.

Take care.

billie said...

david, i sincerely and fervently wish you good health! i give you kudos for continuing to speak out- these days i really don't know what to say. yes, obama is prez- and he is trying to work around our bought and paid for congress and ideologically right wing supreme court to get anything accomplished. it's slow going here and i fully expect to be in a civl war sooner rather than later. when you have folks as ideologically wedded to sarah palin as millions of americans are, that doesn't bode well for the thinkers amongst us.

be well my friend.