Tuesday, February 23, 2010

of tempests and tea parties

i have been thinking in broad strokes lately--- and conversely, i have been hunkering down and working on personal issues. it would suffice to say that i am just plain exhausted. i have a feeling many folks are worn down and worn out by life- and it just shouldn't be that way. there really isn't any reason for it either- but for the greed of a small percentage of the entire human population. of course, we see it on a global scale with price gouging during disasters; private contractors simply stealing money allotted for projects to help folks; the financial implosion across the world, etc., etc.,

i started to think about what that means for me- i have to constantly be on the alert for my financial institutions levying fees and fines for any and everything; i have to pay fees and surcharges on any government or utility 'privelege' of using- more for simply using electricity in my home or renewing my driver's license; i have to be on the alert for disreputable gutter companies or price shop to not get taken advantage of to have my gutters replaced; i have to worry about taking my car to the garage for a check engine light coming on so i don't get ripped off; i pay pretty close to double for groceries than i did 10 years ago- and i have to worry whether or not my food has been genetically altered or filled full of antibiotics--- or has some viral disease like mad cow or fish fungus. whew!!!

not to mention- we have a horribly broken government system from the local governments on up and are constantly fighting against our neighbors, colleagues, and often friends and family members against a dangerous and regressive ideology. did i mention i am freakin' pooped? when you live with the stress of waiting for that other shoe to drop- and put other life losses on top of all of the above- i think we have a pretty fair idea of how most americans are living these days. even those of us who haven't lost our jobs and homes- are kind of waiting for the whole shebang to collapse and anarchy rein- and we all lose everything. it's that kind of decade i guess.

anyhoo, had to have mom's sink fixed and was lucky enough to have a buddy who could do it. got me thinking about capitalism and whatnot- and yes, i do need to have the car and gutters fixed. and, i am still looking for a part time job to pay for it... welcome to the western world where suburbanites want so badly to keep their mcmansion gated subdivisions safe for their 2.3 kids and dog and suv- that they join tea parties because they are promised a bag of lies. we, the people, have all been sold a bill of goods- the american dream- and the fact that we have awakened from that and can see that it amounts to owning swamp land--- is lost on the leaders of the tea bag movement and their minions.

the fight has just begun- and i hope that upcoming social civil wars don't devolve into actual bullets flying. and, i also hope that evolution speeds up a bit and the conservative mindset is just a painful blip in the human history.


Spadoman said...

I can still fix a sink. Wish I was there to help out. But you'd have to get someone else to shovel all that freakin' snow!

I realized something the other day, and then reading this, it really hit me.
A few years ago when I met you and others and we started writing blogs and trying to bring to light all the problems of the broken political and capitalistic system in an attempt to fix it, I never realized or thought for one minute that I wasn't helping in some way. I also never thought that the fight for what I know to be right would be forever.
Forever is a long time. There will always be those that want the greed and hatred and anger. I still fight against this, but it is so vast it doesn't seem to be doing any good. Many give up, but they aren't winning, and either are we. Complacency is winning hands down. People don't care and live day to day.
Just my take on it. I applaud your view of it. I certainly agree.

Peace to YOU!

Dave Dubya said...

How true. The struggle for freedom never ends. Without the struggle there would be no freedom.

We are the kind who cannot shut up and go quietly. At least we have each other for support and understanding. We KNOW we are the good guys.