Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my february of discontent

suffice to say- it has been a rough february thus far. not all stress is bad and there has been both- personally and on the world scene. and i have not been all that chatty. it has been increasingly difficult for me to find anything at all to say to anyone and i have hunkered down instead hoping to somehow get myself back on track. two weeks in and i have not been entirely successful.

so, today i began to think about disconnect- how i long for it and how easy it seems to do for most other folks in america's modern culture. i haven't quite caught on as to how to go about it- the disconnecting from reality and life. most of us have no idea where our food comes from- for many it comes already prepared from a restaurant and may as well simply appear out of the ether. most americans don't have any idea that our meat comes from supersized agri-farms or ocean pens that pollute the water and shorelines or that the main source of our fruits and veggies these days is central and south america.

many folks don't realize that we are transitioning to unmanned drones operated by a soldier half a world away who can drop bombs destroying an entire village and be home in time for dinner with no thought as to the repercussions of his joystick and red buttons. so much like a video game.

i suppose what really got me to thinking about our disconnect with the real world is death and dying. i know, i know, i am hopelessly morbid but as i get older, the impending demise of my parents and my husband's parents looms closer. plus, one of my blog buddies recently lost his mom and the blogosphere lost bro tim two weeks ago. it hits home quickly. there was a time when folks could process all of this in real time- families attended the bodies and laid folks to rest. now, it's almost like they haven't even lived- let alone died. we make a phone call and our loved one is whisked away to a funeral home to be dolled up for the after life and placed in a casket lined with silk like they are sleeping. they are whisked away to be cremated or buried and that's it- better hope you don't need more than 3 days leave from work 'cause that's usually all you get and it's back to the 'normal' routine.

it is weirder online and in the entertainment biz- take heath ledger for example, he is forever young on the big screen and it's almost like you can reach through the screen and those moments are still there. when i go into facebook, or over to blog of revelation, there's bro tim's smiling face looking back at me- and his words are still there frozen in time. i could very easily pretend he is simply on vacation.

i don't know whether technology is a help or a hindrance in human development but i do know that we, as a species, globally, are at a crossroads. our love for the here and now and for bigger and better- and cutting edge technology- cannot continue unabated. we have to begin to put some thought into our future and not just live here and now. while i don't believe we should cling to the past, ala conservatism, i do think that there is something to be said about learning from it. we need to reconnect to the basics- people, nature, life. or there won't be any left.....



Your post reminds me of when I was 37 years old (31 years ago), and was completely torn up and disgusted about so many things.

Like you, February is never a good month for me - for some reason, I get disgusted that retail stores focus only on Christmas; then January 'sales', and quickly throwing up Valentine displays only to reduce everything 50% 24 hours later, and slap up St. Patrick's Day items that you know will then be replaced by April Fool's 'stuff', and then Easter chocolates!

My head was twirling from all this kind of thing those 31 years ago, and I happened to listen to Procol Harum's record from LIVE AT THE LEEDS IN LONDON, and in one song the question is asked of the great 'master', 'what is the meaning of life' to which the answer is, 'LIFE IS LIKE A BEANSTALK ISN'T IT'?

As that reply 'sunk in' in my head, I felt suddenly 'enlightened' by just who my tiny little existance was nothing more than a spider web that is quickly swept away with a corn-broom, and I've tried to remind myself of that each February when I get all tied up in a knot about things that are completely baffling to me (as it pertains to the methods of this goofy world).

I think spring will help you as you see the 'rebirth' of flowers and nature's bounty again.

Take care. Diane

Dave Dubya said...
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Dave Dubya said...

Reconnect while we can. As our Brother Tim would say, Amen.