Wednesday, January 06, 2010


it never ceases to amaze me how obtuse folks can be- the ability to live in denial is a strong one. i hear all of this hoopla about how 'obama failed america' and that the obama admin sold out. um no- not really. obama didn't run on a progressive ticket. nope. he is a middle of the roader politician who will veer right occasionally should the need arise. i had no false illusions. i voted for dennis kucinich in the primaries.

still, how folks can heap blame on one man for everything wrong in america--- when he inherited it in the first place and there are good things happening domestically and foreign although not as quickly as i would like--- and not blame congress is baffling. obama is not the leader of the democratic party. neither is nancy pelosi or harry reid. apparently, it's some guy named chris van hollen. what reid and pelosi are--- leaders of their party within congress.

and, let's face facts--- they are the ones responsible for the abyssmal health care bill; the continued funding for the foreign wars; the draconian police state that america has become, and the economic implosion we are living through. congress alone has the power to make laws for the entire country- that impact the entire world. the white house has other powers and we should indeed hold the white house accountable for the foreign and domestic powers the president holds. but, obama should not get the blame for everything.

americans have been polled and polled and polled over the last few weeks- and overwhelmingly what the polls show is that folks are not optimistic about our future; are not interested in the rethuglican war cries and fear mongering; and not happy with the dems at this time. what i am hearing is 'america is in it's empiric death throes' and folks are not happy about going down on a sinking ship. doesn't have to be that way but it's like trying to find your way out of a wet paper bag i guess. most folks don't realize that they don't have to continue to perpetuate the system.

what the ruling class doesn't want folks to know- we have real power. yep. there are about 3 billion of us to a few thousand of them. that scares them and so they resort to the fear mongering and the police state tactics and the creation of jobs in 'homeland security' to keep folks docile. they keep the structure of the election process intact while corrupting in the middle and making the whole thing rotten- but folks still keep voting as if it made any difference.

denial is nice. it calms one down in the face of overwhelming despair and panic. and it sure beats taking meds. but it doesn't solve anything. neither does the paralysis of despair. human beings as a species really don't deserve to continue. we take the right to perpetuate our way of life over any other on the planet simply because we can. it doesn't make it right or fair- but we do it because we are the strongest species. we are eradicating other species at such a fast clip that we will eventually eradicate ourselves. and that's fine by me.

we had the ability to live side by side in harmony with the other species of flora and fauna on this planet and the greed gene took root and here we are. i think that the earth deserves to throw us up and out and start over. and perhaps this next time, she will think twice before allowing a species such as humans evolve.

could we save ourselves? yep. we have the tools and we have the knowledge of what we need to do. what we don't seem to have is the ability to shake off the greed even in the face of disaster. perhaps those of us who see will be the ones who survive and humans will once again be able to live in balance with nature. but given that that would take faith in human nature- i don't look for it to happen.


jmsjoin said...

Obama is a centrist and we can save ourselves but only if Obama stands up as he has yet to do and pisses some people off. Especially today!

TOM said...

We will kill our selves off, it just takes time. The Earth and its natural evolution is stronger than humans, and our harm to Earth is a blip in the History of that evolution. If we are to survive, it will be because we learned to take care of the Earth, not ourselves. Which means we will not survive.

eaprez said...

actually he did in fact run as a progressive - and has now shown himself to be a corporatist.

Unknown said...

He did run as a progressive. Real progressives, like you, never bought it, always knowing he really was a centrist.

No, not all of this mess is his fault, but he's let down a lot of the people who supported him. He needs to start trying to please those folks, instead of trying to please everyone.

I agree with you about congress. What bunch of useless lard-asses, particularly the Senate.