Tuesday, January 05, 2010

new year is here

i guess i wonder why it feels like the middle of last year? it certainly doesn't feel like the same time last year- the endless waiting for the bush cabal to be out of office.... the hope that things were going to look up and get better. i'm not feeling that guarded optimism i had last year at this time.

but that doesn't mean that i am not going to come out swinging.... here's the deal...

the health care bill that will eventually become law--- sucks. sucks on so many levels i lost count but two main points come to mind

1) i don't like being mandated to do anything- and i like it even less being forced to have health care or have to pay a penalty to the irs. really? this is the DEMOCRATIC plan?

2) there is no international terrorism. nope. at least not in the way our government would have us believe. it's absolutely fascinating that so many people swallowed this lie. there have been 2 instances of 'terrorism' on american soil that allegedly came from the middle east- both within less than a decade of each other and both in pretty much the same spot. there are folks in the military industry (because it's really just a corporation with saluting) who have come out and admitted as much and they have been dismissed as 'conspiracy theorists.' that's a laugh because the conspiracy is happening within our own government.

the terrorist groups exist within their own countries- most terrorist acts within america have come from right wing fringers- britain has the ira- the hot spots in the middle east were hot because it was a guerilla civil war. the uss cole bombing? well, how can it be terrorism when we had our warship in yemen?

anyway, if the official story doesn't make sense- folks should question it. most of what we see going on around the globe is a direct result of our global policies. by 'our' i mean the western world not just america. naj recently posted about something that caught my attention:

"Now a word with my non-Iranian readers: I don't need you to cheer Iran on it's unravelling "revolution"; I don't want you to wish our "rebellion" success; I don't like it when you wear green symbols and act with more zeal than is of your business! What I wish you did is to just be aware of what is happening in Iran such that in your DEMOCRATIC systems, you can influence YOUR politicians to do the right thing vis a vis Iran. And the right thing is NOT imposing sanctions on the people and holding secret talks; and the right thing is to NOT allow Israel make threats on Iran while expecting Iran to disarm; and the right things is to not decontextualize what is happening in Iran, because you think Iran's connected to your life through the oil umbilical cord!"

i see it all of the time within the left wing blogosphere- hurrahing when protesters in iran or monks in burma take on the government; praising them for standing for democracy against tyranny- and then within the same paragraph making excuses for the democratic controlled congress who came up with the bullshit mandates in the health care bill while systematically eliminating anything good in it. really? look, the ruling class here is the ruling class- parties mean little or nothing. what we need is a global revolution- and i am not optimistic that that will ever happen.

but someone else is- hence the 'terror scares' to increase the already heightened police state right here within the american borders. crime is down, according to a current fbi report, and i fail to see why we need the continued tasing and paramilitary measures employed by our extremely flawed penal system. right now, we have a system that incarcerates people at one of the highest rates in the developed world---- to make money. at the expense of others.

profit over people does not make peace. we can kumbaya all day long and wish with all of our hearts for peace on earth and good will towards men. but, as long as the global ruling elite run the show in league with the corporates- it can't be. certainly something to think about.

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Dave Dubya said...

I'm happy to see your furnace is stoked for the new year. You tidily summed it up it cleanly put into a nutshell. "Profit over people does not make peace".