Saturday, January 16, 2010

bye bye media

NOW on pbs

i watched the whole program and, while i was happy to see that there are a few out there who know what it takes to maintain freedom and democracy, i became increasingly saddened by the thought that there are more people who don't give a damn or won't engage. mostly because of taking for granted that our republic will always be free and ignorance of what civics truly is. we have become a nation of ruling class wannabe's- we have always attempted to emulate our 'betters' while pretending to relate to 'the common man.' the truth is- we have a corporate ruling class staffed by our politicians who are generally handpicked to run by the party. our entire system is broken, broken, broken and the majority of americans are not even cognizant of that fact.

america has ceased to be a democratic republic- thanks in large part to the conservative ideology and desire to maintain a permanent majority and in second part by the liberals who have succumbed to greed. just an fyi- next time on now--- the growing number of rightwing democrats who believe in pro life. just thought you'd like to know.


Robert Rouse said...

betmo, I have basically given up on politics all-together. I still pay attention and get rattled, but I've even changed the focus of Freeze Dried gray Matter to environmental causes.

Dave Dubya said...

I hear you. The two parties have become the Republicans and the Republicrats.