Friday, December 04, 2009

funky friday

mmm.... i have a serious funk going on today. i don't know why- but i am 100% done with the holiday season. yep. this is it for me. done, done, done. i am tired of the obligatory gifting and the false cheer- i am officially checking out. and i won't be doing gifts or cookies next year. i am done with that too. it used to be 'my thing' back in the day- a little burl ives in the kitchen and betty crocker fired up the oven. not feeling that magic anymore. while i don't hate the season, gifting is not the reason for the season- and jesus isn't either so don't even go there. this time of year was celebrated by the ancients because they had the time to do it. there isn't anything one can do in the cold dark- so, why not have feasting and games and comaraderie? now, that works for me.


Unknown said...

Works for me, too. No pagan fun for me this year, though. My mother is visiting. Gasp! ;-)

Anonymous said...

This simple act cheered me up maybe it will do the same for you. Go buy the new Susan Boyle (SuBo) album and read up on the completely improbable road of life she has taken to become the greatest selling Female recording star of all time. Currently number one in 15 countries. The album is really good.

jmsjoin said...

Give me a hug Billie this great, it is you!