Monday, November 16, 2009

no wonder the car companies went bankrupt

they made such sucky suvs- that they don't have turn signals and their gas pedals get stuck.

fyi, if you are an suv- or any other type of vehicle on the road in my neck of the woods- and you get behind my little red car and want to attempt the crowd maneuver to make me go faster- i am a bitch.

odds are i will tilt the mirrow so i don't have to see you crawling into my back seat--- and i will go much, much, much slower when you can't pass me. yep.

if you feel the need to tailgate, get yourself some help for your lack of time management skills and leave sooner.


jams o donnell said...

Good for you Betmo!

Robert Rouse said...

Aha! So it was you!!!!!

Just skiddin' (get it, just skidding?) :)

landsker said...

The curious practice of tailgating is perhaps a global occurence.
As well as driving so near as to be dangerous, they often switch on their headlights, in parody of police cars.

Usually the offenders are driving large 4x4`s, delivery vans or sports saloons and often with tribal paraphernalia,..... sports tyres, extra spotlights, bull bars, tinted windows, stickers and ornaments attached around the windscreen.

Mind you, `round here, being a rural area, we have lots of narrow lanes, and the local farmers sometimes herd their stock across the highways, which not only slows traffic to walking pace, but throws up plenty of organic fertiliser!