Friday, November 20, 2009

is it friday already?

i have no idea where the week went. one minute, i am bitching about stupid drivers and the next- it's the friday before thanksgiving. whew!!! i know that thanksgiving is celebrated around the world at different times by different nations but ours is my favorite holiday. always have loved it since i learned 'over the river and through the woods' as a kid. even in florida, it gets cooler this time of year :) and the air takes on a different smell and feeling. and it's so nice to switch perspectives to what we have versus the deficits we rack up in life. i have really tried to be more thankful this year- all year. not easy to do- and i have failed at some points along the way- but overall, i am so very thankful for the life i have. and the people i have in it.

thanks to all of my blog buddies- here in north america and beyond- you all are treasures :)

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