Saturday, November 07, 2009

happy weekend

gearing up for my craft fair tomorrow- i hope to sell at least one item so as to pay for my entry fee :) haven't been up on the current events lately- i have been deliberately ignoring them. i did not vote last tuesday. it was a conscious choice on my part- i did not forget. the whole system is broken and i will not be a part of it. i haven't decided what i am going to do yet to help fix it- but in the short term i will not participate more than i have to.

so, i have much to think about. right now, i am navigating the minefield that is personal familial relationships. people are so complex and yet, so simple at the same time. i am adjusting to the role of doer- because quite frankly, there is no one else to do any of the stuff that needs to be done for my fam. sigh. i envy the youngest siblings as they are not usually the ones who have to deal with much at all- other than sibling jealousy :) anyhoo, chilly and gray here today with a peeking of sun. suppose i have to get used to it- it's autumn after all :)

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Mary said...

OMG! You're doing craft shows now! I am missing it all. So good to hear from you. Buried in school work and have no idea how I will handle "that" season. Can I share how much I hate writing papers? Every week! Seriously no time to even brush my hair. I'm going to make time to check out your stuff though. And an etsy site. I'll have to get your thoughts on that. Always wanted to try it.