Saturday, October 24, 2009

wtf? moments

i guess i don't understand americans- and i am one. i haven't been horribly political lately because, frankly, i didn't want to be. i thought i would take a quick tool around the newsy sphere just to see what was going down- and what i heard- i mean get real. the limbaugh dittoheads are quite pleased with themselves- and to celebrate their 'brainstorm' they are going to take it out on complete strangers- kids no less. so much for 'family friendly values'. one of limbaugh's assistants came up with the 'obama halloween' where instead of giving out candy- you take candy from the kids and say to them 'it's obama's halloween so i have to take from you to give to someone else.' i guess their panties are in a wad about the ceos of the big bailout corps having to take a paycut.

that coming on top of all of their other shenanigans- i hope they are properly proud of themselves- guess it goes along with their theme of bullying instead of being men and women; instead of the adults they pretend to be.

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