Saturday, October 17, 2009

on the mend

unfortunately, we are having damp, rainy weather this weekend that settles right in my irritated sinuses- but i am on the mend. spent the day on facebook tending the cafe and the farms and buying a treehouse in yoville :) no, no- it's not true- i am not obsessed :) i also did dishes and laundry and made myself something to eat- so, i wasn't on the entire day- just most of it. :) will get back in my groove next week- fully mended or not. once you let stuff slide- it's twice as tough to set it to right. anyhoo, perhaps i will have something meaningful or interesting to say at some point. i am reading ancient greek literature right now- and i don't know whether they were just really good writers- or whether human nature has always been the same. adultery, betrayal, greed, hunger for power- sigh. the greek folks could have penned their plays for today's stage.

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