Tuesday, October 06, 2009


at the tree and the sirens today. and no, haven't dropped off the planet. hubby has been sick and i have been making soup and whatnot like a good betty crocker :)


Georg said...

Good ol soul, Betmo. Soup: splendid idea!
Hope it is not instant soup for poor hubby who can't defend himself??

Best wishes for hubby's speedy recovery and freedom from soup. Bonjour BigMac.


billie said...

good lord no!!! locally grown chicken with as close to organic veggies as i can. the instant soup is tooooo salty :)

cat ♥ chicken soup said...

warm her hubby's face
steam from his coffee mug
comes from chicken soup.

my love for you both,

Unknown said...

Like French Onion Soup, Tikka Masala Kabobs, Spitfire Roasted Chicken, Triple Berry Cheesecake, Super Chunk Fruit Salad, and Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail? ;)

P.S.- I gave you kudos and a link in my post today. :)

Unknown said...

Bet Crocker? ;-) Hope he feels better soon, if not already.

The comment verification reads: apeacein. Sounds like a good idea.

billie said...

mmm, suppose i should have said 'betmo crocker'- clever pagan :)