Sunday, October 11, 2009

autumn is almost here

officially, it has already started but until last night, it seemed hit or miss with the autumn weather. cool weather but not chilly, autumn weather. well, we got our first hard frost last night. we were snug as bugs as i had closed up the house last week or so and had the heat on 60 degrees to take the damp, rainy chill off. plus, mr. betmo and i both needed the vaporizer as my my sinuses have taken a turn for the worst. i am fighting off what he had- and he plied me with orange juice and tea yesterday. :) so, i doubt i will have a full blown cold on top of the sinuses.

i am enjoying playing my cafe and farming on facebook. anytime i get a new game, i tend to play it until the novelty wears off and then i tire of it. for now, i have about half dozen games going so, i should be entertained for quite awhile.

people have asked my opinion on the peace prize- mmmm... i see their reasoning for the nomination and award. no, president obama hasn't had time to do much as he hasn't been in office for a year yet, but the idea and momentum of international diplomacy and nuclear disarmament only comes around under democratic presidents. so, strike while the iron is hot- so to speak. many on the right tout reagan's term as a period of nuclear disarmament- ok. but he also started the stupid star wars shield that obama (hopefully forever) laid to rest and he invaded sovereign countries too small to fight back. obama inherited his wars.

anyhoo, let's hope he takes the peace part of the prize to heart and gets a move on getting out of iraq and afghanistan- and closing the secret prisons. until then, i will continue to sip my morning cuppa and enjoy the sunshine while it's here. i have a feeling this is going to be a cold winter. oh- and i will need to work on cmas cookie recipes and ideas- perhaps when my head isn't so fuzzy....


jams o donnell said...

Hopefully Obama will justify hiw award by his future actions.... Hopefully!

WeezieLou said...

you KNOW i love you, but if you ever describe the luciousness of a hard freeze again............i so miss it.

not OK, a big not OK with the peace prize. the most gracious thing he could have/should have done, is decline it. speak with usual eloquence and elegance and humility and say "uh, folks, i really haven't done anything yet..". who can argue with nuclear disarmament - but, frankly, his sec'y of state and his nsa have been doing the heavy lifting on that one. The NPP is for achievements, not promises, nice speeches and admirable goals. not for encouragement. maybe there SHOULD be a prize for encouragement.

Georg said...

Hallo Betmo,

Just be so kind and explain what you mean by saying "playing my cafe and farming on facebook". I really would like to understand.

As to the clogged sinuses, have you ever tried to gurgle with a spoonful of sea salt in a glass of water?


billie said...

bonjour georg! i joined facebook to promote my etsy business selling my handmade crafts- and since i have been sick and not doing or feeling much like doing anything- i have been playing mindless games on facebook. the games i enjoy there are running my own little cafe and having my own little farm. virtual reality so to speak :)

indeed i have gargled salt water before and i am currently using a neti pot that streams water into your nose- salt water- to assist in clearing out all that nastiness and relieve the pressure and swelling. indeed, i have to do it again this morning. but it does help. those ancient asians really did know stuff :)