Tuesday, September 08, 2009


the google reader is full- of crap mostly to be deleted- but here are a few tidbits:

good to know our 'allies' the israelis are a strong democracy much like ourselves:

"The Israeli government has launched a television and Internet advertising campaign urging Israelis to inform on Jewish friends and relatives abroad who may be in danger of marrying non-Jews."

i suppose that their strong, compassionate conservatism is what allows them to so this and i suppose their democracy isn't in anymore trouble than ours as they grow increasingly less secular and push their religious agenda in their military as we do.

of course, if we can't convert the troops, we can just start from the ground up and build an all religious military. kind of gives 'jesus camp' a whole new meaning doesn't it?

oh, did i fail to mention that while the obama administration is allegedly curtailing private contractors, we are still the leading arms dealer of the world? but don't fret, all of that military industrial complex money being made by war profiteers will eventually trickle down into the middle class coffers. in the meantime, there are a few who still have a job and apparently, have to shoulder the load for the rest. i mean the few of us left who own a home and earn a wage have had tax increases across the board to shoulder the burden for those who do not. isn't it time for a better way to raise revenue? but i digress....

going to the grocery store with our food stamps in hand may be a moot point at some point anyway. i find it ironic that so many still cling to the belief in the american 'system' so stubbornly when it is clearly broken beyond repair. while i understand the need to have public structure, it is clear that pretending all is well-- isn't working. and if you think marching up to the voting booth to express your displeasure will work, well, bless you.

we are a divided nation- in more ways than one. i can tell you this- the theory is 'divide and conquer' and that is precisely what most everyday americans will not grasp. we have been conquered by the ruling class. we are not a democracy- but we play one on tv. reality is a harsh mistress but is one we need to get to know a bit better. the lies and propaganda can't stand up to the light of day unless we let them.

this picture is real. i can't post it because an associated press reporter shot the picture and i won't engage with the ap ever. but the guardian runs the article and if you don't follow a single link above- this one pretty much sums up the whole sordid mess.


Unknown said...

The article calls the marine 'a devout Christian'. WRONG. Devout Christians don't go to foreign lands to kill for an imperialistic government.

billie said...

ah brother tim- i guess you didn't get the memo :) we belong to a different time. in this time and reality- in america- he is/was a devout christian. my mom and i talk about how it is living in 'another world' sometimes. it really does feel like we are on the outside looking in.

Georg said...

That is a great post, Betmo. You ave an analytical mind.


billie said...

merci georg :)