Wednesday, September 30, 2009

things i find interesting or ironic

we hear about the recession and tent cities and joblessness- and they are all big issues here in america. that's why i found these stories ironic- a few posts ago, i posted on how folks discovered that 'going green' was pretty easy- it meant reduce, reuse and recycle- not buy, buy, buy. so, imagine my surprise when i read blue gal's post on the underemployed young demographic. i guess it really should come as no surprise because i know at least 4 people who are or have been unemployed recently in my age group or a wee younger- all seemed content to run their unemployment out before looking for more work. those folks either didn't want to work or were determined to hold out to get another job in the same field-- which laid them off in the first place. sigh.

then, i ran across this gem: green cleaning services. really? really? not that i begrudge the cleaning crews their jobs. my mother cleaned houses for years to support my sister and me. but, you can't clean your own home? you are so busy you can't pick up a rag and run it over your coffee table? sweet jesus in heaven- we are in big, big trouble.

so, i haven't been following the news much lately because, well, quite frankly i am less than interested in the 'health care reform debate' as it is simply something to keep constituents revved up before elections. seriously. the politicians have already been bought and paid for by every corporate associated with 'health care' and if you don't see that- well, you probably believe that your vote still counts too.

anyhoo, i have noticed a trend amongst the right and left- the right is getting fringier and crazier and the left digs deeper and deeper into denial. let's call it like we see it shall we? the lunatic fringe on the right is being cultivated and stoked by the pundits and politicians for a bigger agenda- they want to stage a coup. now, i have been saying this for years- but i'll say it again- there will be another civil war. this time it will be ideologies but geography won't mean as much. any group that calls for the assassination of a president for a coup or otherwise- well, they don't give a rat's ass about their neighbors. in fact, they believe that anyone not adhering to their particular ideology deserves to be dead. and that's the unvarnished truth.

many on the left discount folks like me- we 'conspiracy theorists' should just shut up because we are hurting 'the cause.' what cause it is that we are hurting- well, i haven't figured that out yet as poll after poll shows the majority of americans have doubts about the truth of the official version of 9/11 events and also shows they favor universal health care in the same vein as medicare. it's the left wing politicians and their supporters who should put up and shut up.

but who am i to say? i am nobody of any importance in either side's 'cause.'


perhaps newsmax editors got a coloring book edition of what treason and sedition means- cause they took down the article calling for a coup.

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Spadoman said...

Batty Mo... You sometimes are on the fringe yourself, but usually right on target. This post is smack dab in the middle of the proverbial bullseye. Say it like it is, exactly like it is, and you did.
I agree 110%.

Peace anyway.

When is the military coup gonna take place. I need to get the rust off my M-16 and see if my boots still fit.