Sunday, September 27, 2009

rainy and cool

i guess autumn really did come with the equinox this year. leaves are turning and it's rainy and chilly here. i put the flannels on the bed as we haven't officially turned on the heat yet. spent my time reading and cooking yesterday. perhaps more of the same today. i am going to attempt my hand at sourdough biscuits. i have 2 batches of sourdough going in the fridge- one is a milk based and the other a water based. for those who have no idea what it is i am talking about

sourdough is essentially flour and a liquid- milk or water- and yeast. now, you can add yeast yourself or attempt to catch it from the air like the early folks did. i chose not to go that route for my maiden voyage into the seas of sourdough- i just added a packet of yeast. perhaps as i get more proficient- i'll give it a whirl. so, you let it sit and ferment for a day or so- and then fridge it until you want to use it. you have to 'feed' it once a month or if you use it- by adding liquid and flour in equal amounts.

so far, i have made a carrot cake- of which i didn't try because i added raisins. not a fan of raisins. and today i will make biscuits. i just didn't feel like kneading the dough yesterday :) but i made hubby chicken soup as he is getting sick and i baked squash that i didn't harvest myself. but that's a bitch for another day...

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