Saturday, September 05, 2009

interesting stories

the pope blames athiests for global climate change

“Is it not true that inconsiderate use of creation begins where God is marginalized or also where his existence is denied?"

well, i am a rabid environmentalist and a devout athiest. many of the 'christians' i know drive big cars; live in big houses and insist on shopping, shopping, shopping. so, no, your popeness- i am going to say 'no.'

swine flu prevention tips- listen, they don't have a magic cure for swine flu. around here, they treat the swine flu the same as any other flu- so, don't catch it to start with and you'll be better off.

and, one more case for making homemade food- less chance of getting listeria or salmonella or any of the other toxic bacteria


Unknown said...

Hmmmmmmmmm......... Don't get me started on the Catholics, I'm running low on blood pressure meds. ;)

Unknown said...
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Dave Dubya said...

I have several Catholic(and Dead Heads at that) friends who are very eco-minded.

And Tim, some of the best folks I know are lapsed Catholics. And to think, sinner that I was, I felt such horrible guilt after eating meat on a Friday when I was a child.

Questioning authority may have been an original sin, but in these times I think it is an essential virtue.

Unknown said...

I was born, raised, and educated RC. I still praise God for the day the Holy Ghost removed the scales from mine eyes.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Religion always has to have somebody else to blame for the shit they fuck up.

The Poop's a Goddamn liar. But then we knew that loooong ago.

landsker said...

The vatican and indeed the catholic church could hardly be described as humble and pious.
Weren`t these the twisted sods who just a few years prior, tortured, maimed and murdered all those who refused to bow to their rules?