Friday, September 25, 2009

good lord it's friday!!!

this week went by a bit fast for me. i lost track of what day it was :) but, it's time for only the good friday. mmmm..... i can't complain- my life is good overall. as long as i pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist, i pretty much have the perfect life :) therein lies the rub doesn't it?

anyhoo, i got an updated library card this week and have taken out books on my heritage. my father's mother was a part of the seneca nation and i am hoping to find out about the 5 nations. it saddened me to know that many ancient artifacts were lost during a 1911 fire at the museum in albany but for now, the books survive. much of the work done on the history of the 'iroquois' nations was done in the early twentieth century which is commendable. but, the Haudenosaunee, 'people of the longhouse,' were long gone as a power by then. the european invasion wiped them out through war and greed. it's the same tired story of greed and betrayal- the haudenosaunee assisted the british against the french in the 'french and indian wars' and sided with the americans in the revolution and were repaid by having their land taken from them in various 'treaties.'

the books i took out were written in a time period that was- oh, let's say not politically correct- so, that in and of itself is interesting. these were folks who were sympathetic to the five nations and the way they presented them was, well, ethnocentric to say the least. since they are library books, i can't write in them as i do in my books- i call it active reading ;)- so, i have to do things the old fashioned way and take notes. something i haven't done since college. should be fun.

reading thoreau at bedtime. he is a hoot! i don't know that he and i would have gotten on famously- he was a bit theatrical and melodramatic with a flair for sarcasm ;) but we would have had pleasant conversation about nature and gardening and politics. he didn't care much for the state or for conventional thinkers. so, life is full. haven't really been working on the retro ripple this week although i said i would. haven't been in the mood. it was 80 degrees and muggy one day. no good for crochet.

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Dave Dubya said...

No matter what Palin and the Reich Wingnuts say, we who have native blood are the "real" Americans.