Monday, September 14, 2009

funny how time slips away

ever hear that song? popped into my head this morning. seems like time is moving faster than i want it to but also seems to move slowly when i don't want it to. yep. hubby and i celebrated our 12th anniversary going to open houses yesterday :) yes, we already bought a house but it's fun to go- and we are looking at houses in the price range we actually want to buy in one day- to get an idea of what is in our area.

word of advice to any potential sellers- wall paper is a deal breaker for me. one or two rooms- ok, maybe i'll entertain the idea. but--- if you haven't upgraded your house since 1988 because you didn't want to fuss with the wallpaper- neither will i. i hate wall paper.

we aren't in any hurry to move but we also want to do some upgrades to our current home. wanted to see what folks were doing to the higher end homes. another note- don't think that just because you plunk high end upgrades in your house that folks will overlook the fact that that is exactly what it looks like. flow of rooms is important so, don't add the jet tub and stand alone shower and make the bathroom awkward.

too many folks are watching hgtv and diy and just throwing stuff into homes with no other thought than that. you don't have to have granite countertops in a cape cod middle class neighborhood where all of your neighbors have corian. trust me- you won't recoup your investment. also, not everyone likes hardwood in every single room. you have to clean it daily or it looks dusty and dirty- especially the darker wood. i would rather have carpet in my bedrooms and hardwood in my dining room. just an fyi.

anyhoo- we had a great day and had fun. we ended up at lowes and dinner before i spent the rest of the evening wrestling with paint colors. sigh. i am really glad that we still like each other after spending the last 15 years or so together. he loves me and that's all that matters to me. and i like him pretty good too :)


jmsjoin said...

Glad you had fun it was a beautiful day to drive around and do that. You would love our house and I mean love. Marble foundation marble fireplace. hardwood floors throughout. 2000 square under the roof, laundry room, sun room, a bathroom to die for all tile separate Bath tub and shower stall, attached garage. It is a ranch but it is proving too damn big for us!

billie said...

we have a split level ranch and it seems just right. hubby loves to aspire to bigger and better things- but i told him i am in no hurry to move. we can make this house a cozy home on a budget. :)

i have wall to wall mixed with tile and hardwood. brick facade wood burning fireplace downstairs- important for me if i have to have a fireplace and every home in this area has one- laundry room, one and a half bath, deck outside and enough yard for my garden. what more could i want?

more privacy from the neighbors.

fjb said...

Woo, hoo! Happy anniversary! Sounds like you had a good time, and it is fun to just go look once in a while.:-) I agree about the hardwood or laminate. It's in almost every room of my house, including the laundry room (who in their right mind?!?!). Only the bathroom is spared - thank goodness.:-)

jmsjoin said...

You sound like you have everything you need and are happy that is everything. I was just at Weases you should see his garden, awesome!

Spadoman said...

Happy anniversary Batmo. I've been away, sorry I missed the celebration.
As far as houses go, I've owned a few. I even bought a few for my daughter and her family.
I can live in almost anything. I can adapt. I feel like I have my own vision of a place. The place we are in now has flaws, the kind you mention, (no wallpaper, but the decorating was horrible), but the location and lot is fantastic in our minds. That's what we bought. Where it is and what we see as we live here. I close my eyes in the bedroom and sleep. I am looking at the faces of the family or at the blessing of having food, when I eat.
Anyway, hope all is good with you.