Sunday, August 23, 2009

nice weekend here

not bad- i'll catch up throughout the week- another busy one for me. suffice to say- spent it with family doing good stuff and although it rained a bit- the weather was cooler. not bad. i am currently reading the complete poems of walt whitman- and i will share some of his poems i find particularly relevant to me. i find poetry to be an interesting insight into the poet's mind- and that appeals to me as a student of psychology. i updated etsy- i finished another blanket project. if anyone is interested- take a peek. i also started a crochet companion blog on blogger. i find the repetition of the stitches is a great way to unwind- and i generally listen to 'my' music at that time- jazz, van morrison, george winston, mozart, james blunt, etc.. i am pretty happy that summer is going to be winding down soon.

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jmsjoin said...

Love it, you have a great choice of music too. The weather is beautiful right now. I am bumming I just had a friend in my garden and I said 3 times not to pick the bis zucchini It was two feet long and huge. I was going to bake stuff it. She picked it and said look at this big one and took it home. I can scream. AAAGGGHHH!!!