Friday, April 24, 2009

'only the good friday'

whew! not easy coming up with good stuff today- not much good happening in america or the world right now. but i will refocus my direction and look for the good stuff in spite of the rightwing and media and the crazy secessionists in tex-ass :)

it is supposed to be warm here in upstate new york today- the sun is shining and it is a bit warmer. there are movements afoot throughout the country to grow your own food- and co-op farms to grow organic meats and dairy products- so perhaps some will eat better- and eat real foods for the first time. there isn't anything much better than picking a sun ripened tomato or green bean and eating that first bite. raw. nope. except maybe a good piece of chocolate. i ordered some homegrown chickens and a turkey- hubby is a carnivore of the first order and i will need to wean him down. so, eating real chicken for the first time in decades- will be a real treat.

of course, the downside is i have to wait. yep. real food takes longer than a trip to the grocery store to appear. the chickens i ordered- and the turkey and the pig- are all chicks and piglet at this time. so, a bit of planning and preparation and waiting will go into it this season. after that, shouldn't be a gap in food. today, i have plans to dig up the garden bed at the fam's and work compost into it. i will plant in a week or so after i harden off the seedlings i started. i can feel the sun on my back and the dirt in my fingernails now :)

for all of the bad stuff out there- i know that there are folks fighting against it. unlike peggy noonan, we have to face the ugliest of uglies and meet them head on. if we face our worst fears, we generally find out that they are not as insurmountable as they first appear. i don't want 'mysterious'- i want the truth. and i want to right wrongs. can't do that if you bury you head in the sand-- or organic garden.

'only the good fridays' started over at shelly's- take a peek over there- and thornie's. she usually has a friday post up too. please feel free to jump into the meme and feel free to put your link here in the comments- i'll link it in the post and give ya some technorati bumps if i can :)


chameleon has a good friday post up over at everyday tarot and fjb has one up over at not much but all mine. do check them out- and thanks for making my day brighter :). oh, and an unlikely dark horse comes out of the chute- the future was yesterday :)


fjb said...

meme time!:) I posted about the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation Centre in Qatar. It was featured on National Geographic Channel's Animals On The Edge, during their Earth Day presentation.

Check out the cats, big and small.:)

Unknown said...

Wow, I don't know if I have had real chicken..I think I have eaten nothing but store bought, injected to their eyeballs, type of chicken.

Chameleon said...

Great post for only the good. Can I suggest another GOOD? It's GOOD that there is a dialogue about torture, and that more and more people are pointing out the craziness in public.

I'm up with my Only The Good at

jams o donnell said...

I love the idea of reserving a day for good nwes stuff, I must have a go at this!

Spadoman said...

Let me get this straight. You are gonna raise chickens, a turkey and a pig, then eat em? Geez Batmo, you lend credence to your battiness now. Chickens ara pain in the butt. Might as well have a couple of pigs since you gotta have a pen for one, put two in there.

We raised chickens when we had a place in Pine City. I'll have to write about that adventure and link back to you. I'll do it, tomorrow.

Peace and good luck with the chicks.

Spadoman said...

Oh, and PS.... I like the Good Friday theme and checked out This Eclectic life and others. I admit I shied away at first as I thought it was about easter since the first time I saw it was close to the Spring religious event.

Cool Batmo!

billie said...

only the good fridays is a great way to refocus on some positive these days- hope more and more folks do join :)

good lord no! i am not raising the meat myself- i am buying it from a couple of local farms here in the area. hubby wouldn't let me raise meat anyway. besides, i couldn't kill it myself either. :)