Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ya know those organic brands we like?

the ones that make us feel good about supporting the environment? whoops- who knew?


Anne said...

Deep sigh. Corporate rule. Another reason to be as self-sufficient as possible. A friend and I made our own lip balm a few years back.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Corporations have swallowed up "organic, and environment" friendly products for pretty much as long as they appeared on the horizon, because they presented a green front to the tree huggers, who blithely accepted what the corporations were doing as "progress.".

Your linked article was interesting, but I wish the author would have spent their time saying what specifically had been changed in a formerly organic product, vs ranting about evil corporations. Like we didn't already know that!!!

Spadoman said...

Batmo... I read this article. It was of interest because this subject came up just yesterday in conversation. What really is organic mean anymore.

As Future mentions, ..Like we didn't already know that."

I DIDN'T already know that all these brands were bought up by large corporations.

I also want to know, is the real true organicness, (is that a word?) still intact? Or are they lying to us? Organic doesn't mean a small company paying attention to human rights and such. If we really want true organic AND scruples, we have to buy local stuff made by individuals and not corporations.