Sunday, March 22, 2009

sore nose and sneezy

i am fairly certain i have an uri- viral in nature as it follows a pattern with which i am all too familiar. i used to go to the walk in thinking it might be a sinus infection to be told- 'nope- clear mucuous. it's viral. ride it out' and so i am sans medical advice. going to make some hot tea and watch jim gaffigan on comeday central. he makes me laugh. hopefully, i will be on the mend tomorrow. this sucks. can't complain as it has been a couple of years since i have been sick. trust me--- get a neti pot. just google it.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

It's called catching a cold, and despite all the work of those we have to watch during dinner, they can't cure it.

Five or six shots of 151 proof Bacardi's rum in rapid succession, a couple shots of brandy to get the fire restarted, and you're on your way.

That doesn't help a bit, but you're so Fing happy you could care less!!!:)

billie said...

yeah- well, the last time i had 151 all i remember is waking up in my dorm room with my trash can by the bed full of clear liquid. :) and i don't care for brandy- although i did try it once.

and jim gaffigan's show is on next week- so i was a wee disappointed.

jams o donnell said...

I hope you feel better soon Betmo. But cheer up you wont be stuck at home as long as me!

Dave Dubya said...

I'm with you on the neti pot.

Nothing works as well as those things for relieving sinus misery.

jmsjoin said...

Love the picture but you look pretty bad! Seriously I hope you feel better and soon. I just planted my seeds, feel better!

eaprez said...

I use a netti pot regularly..due to all the allergies I have. It really does make a huge difference. I caught a cold in December - I too went to the doc only to be told I had a cold and should rest, drink lots of fluids...I laid around for about six days before I began to feel better. First cold I'd had in about 10 yrs - I forgot how miserable a head full of snot can be.

landsker said...

Back when, as a little lad, when colds struck, mother would slice up and simmer a half-dozen lemons, add a little sugar, honey and nutmeg, and there it was... warm lemonade.
Then we would be wrapped in blankets, and left on the sofa.
Not sure if it cured the colds, but it did taste good!

landsker said...

PS. Half dozen lemons to a litre or so of water, according to size and required taste.
Half teaspoon sugar (approx) per lemon, with pinch of nutmeg and/or cinnamon.
Simmer, not boil, for 20 mins, allow to cool slightly, then drink.