Monday, March 02, 2009

something in the wind

my personal opinion is that part of the remaking of the 'right wing/republican party' is to get the familiar faces out of the way and put fresh faces in- like camouflage. hence, the meghan mccains, george p. bushes, the bobby jindals and lest we ever forget she's around- the sarah palins. and you see the mirror effect in the evangelicals with the james dobson's stepping down from certain aspects of their mega church corporations. many of the online evangelicals are grooming their heirs- the first sons natch- to take over.

so, it comes as little surprise that so many congress critters are retiring or not re-running. and it is no surprise at all that everyone is ganging up on limbaugh. that's the plan. find a right winger who can take all of the anger, vitriol, hatred, loathing, etc. that most americans feel for the right wing right about now- and gang up on him. victimize him to the max- and martyr him. here's a little sample of what i have seen around- generally, i get one or two limbaugh stories- if that- in a month:

lefty- limbaugh and steele at war

lefty- cpac tells us a lot about the right

lefty- paul- 'pretty sad limbaugh leader of right'

lefty- cantor on limbaugh

lefty- limbaugh misquotes

lefty- limbaugh lashes at steele

righty- atlas shrugged dissed

lefty- limbaugh listened to

the reactionary left is being played like a fiddle. limbaugh loves the limelight and free publicity. the reason that his numbers are so good- lefties listen to him so they can bitch about him and the crazies in the republican party listen to him so he can tell them how to think. what i think folks fail to realize- the right is not going to go anywhere. all of those folks who were just in charge- not dead and gone- hence, still alive and scheming. just because they don't hold public office doesn't mean that they can't influence and shape and impose their ideology on the rest of us.

if you genuinely believe that the right is fading away and that all of this was a bad dream that we can clean up and move merrily along, you still believe in all of the illusions of the american dream. they are simply reinventing themselves and playing us and manipulating us to get there. just sayin'.

oh- and santorum hasn't gone away in two years. just sayin'


jmsjoin said...

As you know, we are now in more trouble than under Bush. The right will not relent until they see Obama fail. One term and done is their mantra. We can not let that happen. I dread what they may do to guarantee that!

Our hell has yet to start! The new face of Palin, Jindal, and Steele like us will have to fight their leader Limbaugh!
They have a new face to reel people in but they are worse Fascist than before!

Dave Dubya said...

I think we need to shred Limbaugh's lies and and expose his hateful propaganda as much as we can.

His self-inflicted false victimization of himself and the radical right need to be held to the light. Not for the sake of his braindead true believers, but to the uncertain and ill-informed among us.

Left unchecked he will gain support from the unwary. His message needs to be mocked, marginalized, and mutilated.