Tuesday, March 31, 2009

some notes on stuff

i have a hodgepodge in the google reader- but these coincide with some thoughts i have been having.

firstly, the economy. obama is taking flak from the left on his handling of the situation- most notably the car companies versus the bankers. the quick answer is this- he is dealing with the car companies- the bankers already received their bailout UNDER BUSH. he certainly doesn't have to give them more and he can try to attach strings when he can- but the bottom line is- what they get is perfectly legal under the LAW PASSED BY CONGRESS AND SIGNED BY BUSH IN OCTOBER. these asshats knew everything was crashing down and cashed in on it-- again.

also, aig is feeling the wrath of citizens and the faux wrath of congress critters but it's scapegoating. most of those financial institutions got bonuses and whatnot- and they were all legal (see above). the msm is attempting to distract us again. don't fall for it. do i believe that this is all right and ethical- no. but it's legal. let's give obama and the congress an opportunity to change the system. if they don't come elections, we'll (hopefully) vote them out. but don't get distracted and not see the forest through the trees. apparently, most aren't.

remember when i told everyone not to get complacent simply because we voted many neocons out of office? well, delay is in washington at a 'think tank'- i mean institute; santorum writes a column for a pennsylvania news rag; rove is on fox; and gingrich means to run for president in 2012. provided that the pope oks it i guess. a cheney aide is out there trying to do damage control and spin away the fact that the military unit that is supposed to report to the president (ala chuck norris in 'the president's man') apparently reported only to him. oh... right.

and in technology news, america is set to test out a new laser- and kindle is taking folks by storm. both give me pause.

and for more of me- i am at the peace tree today---- namaste.

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Unknown said...

Good point about what Obama can do now. I mean, just because Bush made it okay for misuse of bailouts by the government doesn't mean that it's only fair that the car companies get the same treatment. Enough is enough.

It is a little daunting to think, though, that Obama's advisers on the economy are part of the same group that got us into the mess in the first place. They played along, too. Now they're trying to fix it. Hmmm...I hope so.