Monday, March 09, 2009

rainy monday morning

finishing up the first morning cuppa so i am not at 100 percent yet :) i checked the emails and haven't bothered to go through the google reader yet. i am thinking i may have to make a once a week installment of google reader links- perhaps the top 5 saved in the reader- and do a write up. i mark a whole bunch of things to read for later and then never get around to it. i already pass enough on to my buddies carol and fiona- and many others in the email circle :) i'll have my second cuppa and give it a think.

i really enjoy the good fridays. not to be confused with the nonsensery coming up in april with easter and what not. speaking of which- if you are interested in joining the 'blog against theocracy'- head over to blue gal's or tengrain's for more info and cool badges and stuff. i am not committing at this point because i don't know if i can say anything 'productive' about religion. i used to be a live and let live kinda gal because i figure what you believe is your business. well, the christians in america have oozed into the secular like the scum left in the bucket of stagnant water. so, i had to turn into the hose to clean it out. stay in the churches and in the pulpits and out of the secular laws of the land- and we'll be fine. otherwise, ....

nope, not capable of productive.

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Anonymous said...

Betmo -

I'm counting on you to speak your mind. It's not just that there is so much to say, but, I know you have a great perspective.

Start saving links and thoughts now. Not that I'm like, you know, Mr. Peer Pressure or anything....

Much love,