Friday, March 13, 2009

'only the good' friday

i adore clara canucciari- her videos on youtube are priceless. i am grateful that her grandson is sharing her with the world- and if you need something good and real- rather than doom and gloom- take a few moments- or alot- to listen to clara.

she has a website and her grandson is taking preorders for her dvd- he also wants to have a recipe book out by the holidays. the dvd link takes you to her youtube videos. i think there's like 8 or so each a few minutes long. i put her in the youtube subscriber :)

clara's website- great depression cooking with clara

clara's blogspot- depression cooking with clara

only the good fridays at sherry's


fjb said...

Thanks so much for the link and vid, bet. Her site's now in my Favorites.:) My son says he wants to have the Poor Man's dinner tonight.:)

jmsjoin said...

Hey Betmo!
I have to laugh! I eat like that every day. Have my entire life. When I was a kid we all stole something from our parents gathered in the fields mixed it together and called it hobo stew.
I will always eat like that and love it! I drive my sons crazy with the things I eat.
Funny, when she started I was thinking why peel it that is a waste. Then when she added the oil I was thinking just use a little water that is what I do.
These days I just nuke it all but those 3 things are great together uncooked!
What a coincidence, I told you I was going to just plant a bunch of potatoes! We had one hot meal per week when I was a kid and that was Sunday.
It was a torture session and I much rather would have been out foraging as usual. My father's thing was "fill up on bread" as it was cheap.

jmsjoin said...

Betmo I almost forgot! You will like this! When she was peeling the potato I was going to say try what I do.
Leave the peel on and make mashed potatoes. A whole different consistency and they are delicious. Did I ever tell you or do you know the huge vitamin c level of potatoes?

eaprez said...

thanks for turning me on to her. Think Im going to try and whip up the 'poorman's meal' this weekend. I love potatoes any way I can get them.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

My Mom also came thru the depression. She made the exact same thing. I never knew this was "a poor man's meal" until I had a family of my own! I made it one day for me, and my wife came home early. She took a bite...and ate the whole thing!:) I had to make more. I overheard her one day talking to her Mom; "You should taste the fancy potatoes Dan makes. Wow!! LMAO!!

Unknown said...

You did this ole Irishman's heart good. An Irish 7-course meal is a six pack and a potato!

Hot dogs are meat, I'd consider that a rich man's meal. :)

WeezieLou said...

this was good - you come up with some of the most unique websites! and yes - leave the peel on!

Anonymous said...

Hey you!!! Sorry I'm so late! This is great! LOL I love it! Hey, did u give me an award awhile back? I'm such a dork, I lost it. Can you link me behbeh??