Friday, March 06, 2009

only the good friday

i got the idea from my buddy thornie- who got the idea from her buddy shelly over at this eclectic life. shelly was the one who put together the 'share a square' project and holy cow!!! that was a lot of work for her and her intrepid volunteers. shelly has a big heart and a neat blog- go on over and take a peek for something nice for a change :)

mmmm..... this friday is capping off a week that saw hubby go out of town for a couple of days and is now home- so good for me :) i spent some time with the fam and reconnected with some blog buddies- also good. i started a new crochet project and have 2 rows done and have started making more for a different project- i have 2 at once! i like variety- and i have been listening to my jazz radio station again. one of my favorite things to do is crochet and listen to jazz. the twisting of the yarn in rhythm with the jazz. yep. i have eased up a bit on the news blackout- but only really to skim headlines. i pass many links on to others- usually carol or fiona- and i also share links in google reader if anyone else is interested or has google reader.

anyhoo, the news isn't going to be great for a long time but i have taken heart that president obama is doing his share right now. i will continue to hold my congress critters accountable- which is of the utmost importance- and keep tabs on my state and local critters too. it has to be a group effort or we will never move forward. i am looking forward to researching a bunch of new ways to be more self sustainable- and green- but survival is a wee more important to me at this point. and hey, preparing the ground for a garden is just around the corner.

rainy and warm here today- 50 degrees or so. but don't fret- snow on monday :) no, not kidding. anyhoo, have a great friday- and weekend. and start your own good friday :)


Anonymous said...

Oh yay, Betmo!!! Hehe. I'm running late with my OtGF. I had a good day. LOL (thank you for the link love, i'll email u soon- i got a lil behind this week! xoxo!)

Anonymous said...

Betmo, thank you for joining OTGF! I was only able to access the internet through iPhone yesterday, and arthritic fingers don't text!

Jazz & crochet....sounds good to me! And, I totally don't listen to the news if I can help it. I think it's a good thing to avoid!

Have a weekend filled with only the good!

fjb said...

Thanks for the linkies, Bet.:) I've been trying to find the positive in all the negative lately, and am pleasantly surprised by how much I'm discovering. Always the eternal optimist and searching for the sunshine behind the clouds!:)