Tuesday, March 24, 2009

on the mend

but still sub par- i am at the peace tree today- and am leaving glenn greenwald here with a good article on rational thought and president obama in salon. namaste- and achoo!!!


Unknown said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

My blog has been locked, I cannot post, post comments, or anything.

I will post your comment when and if they unlock my blog.

Apparently someone reported my blog as spam? Probably some right wing A-hole like last time.

My blog is under reviwe by blogger.

I expect I will pass review and be back on line in a few days, but if not I will start posting on my back up blog:


I keep my old essays on that blog. Nothing but my writing. No cartoons, guest writers, or other stuff.

If they think I'm a spammer, why didn't they lock out my back up blog? Go figure.

Thank you Beth.

billie said...

that stinks. it wouldn't surprise me if it was a right winger. someone attacked the sirens chronicles and deleted all of the posts yesterday. luckily, dusty was able to salvage the content- we can't post graphics yet. i haven't been around all that much- i lurk but don't comment- you are always in my google reader :)