Thursday, March 12, 2009

more guessing on my part

my guess is- cheney, et al, looted the federal government agencies and apparently, wall street looted the taxpayers again- and madoff, stanford, and unnamed others in the 'ponzi' schemes, as well as, halliburton and its subsidiaries and countless other contractors- laundered it. certainly makes sense to me. i read that almost half of the WORLD'S wealth 'disappeared'- but the gap between rich and poor has widened. where did that money go? i realize much of it wasn't really there to start with- speculation and whatnot- but that's an awful lot of moola to go missing. and blackwater- i mean xe- don't come cheap.


Unknown said...

You're a pretty good guesser. Right up there with Carnac the Magnificent I'd say. ;)

Anonymous said...

Betmo, be assured the money didn't come to me! My income shrinks by the day as they lower interest rates to look after those who borrowed too much.

Seems no one cares about the people who saved a few dollars so they'd be independent when they semi-retired.

Hope all goes well with you and yours!