Thursday, March 19, 2009

leading by example

don't know who is going to tend it. i doubt michelle or barack will have much time- but the sentiment is there.

my seed potatoes will be shipped april 15th- and i will begin planting the garden the second week in may. some things can probably go in sooner depending on the weather but the last frost date is supposed to be the last week of april for my area. i planted seeds for transplant the other day- tomatoes- paste and general purpose for canning and eating fresh, peppers- sweet and hot, celeriac, onions- green and all purpose. the garlic was planted last fall. hopefully, i will remember to start taking pics and posting more regularly. these are skills we will all need to develop. please trust me on this.


Unknown said...

Excellent idea. I'll be planting in about a month. If I were still in Florida, it would have been in already.

I took the tour you suggested at my place. You got a recipe for those spiedes?

fjb said...

I got the most gorgeous heirloom tomato plants (Purple Prince and Speckled Roman)last year and they did beautifully. The perks of working in the store garden center for 3 months every spring - I don't have to start my own and I can get them cheap.:)

billie said...

i don't have a personal recipe :) i am a transplant from a different area. it's fairly simple- it's a vinegar and oil base- but somehow those lupos did it up good :) we also have salamida state fair sauce

but i prefer lupos- it's a bit more vinegary. chunk up chicken, pork or lamb and marinade- skewer and then grill. put it in a potato roll or hot dog bun and voila`! we have a couple of spiedie places around here- lupos char pit and spiedie and rib pit.

you can have different toppings on your spiedies- the buffalo chicken spiedie is particularly tasty. :) now, we also have spiedie fest

and local folks compete with their own recipes which are published in the press and sun bulletin

my inlaws wanted to start a spiedie place on long island when they lived there. no place else has anything like it :)