Saturday, March 28, 2009

know your congress critters

seriously. there is a democratic majority in both houses of congress-- but not really. the self proclaimed 'blue dog democratic coalition' is made up of what amounts to lieberman style democrats- aka republicans. here in new york state, my congressman is maurice hinchey- and he is pretty consistent with voting how i like- so i vote for him. my senators are chuckles shumer and kristin gillibrand (who took over for madame clinton who vowed she would fill out her senatorial term. oops, that was the first one. my bad.) now, i have nary a clue about ms. gillibrand but the new york times has very kindly done a story on her. if you are a new york voter, learn about her.

if you live in a state that has one of the blue dog dems, strongly consider a third party alternative when available and help that person out campaiging and whatnot. we need to send a message that congress is not off the hook. they are the ones who were so very helpful to bushco on many issues- voting for his legislation time and again--- after the so called democratic majority of 2006. obama is going to make mistakes but we need to hold the right people accountable. we need to watch our state and local elections because that's where the rethugs are going to focus.

trust me.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

If I lived in a state that had a DEM period, I would be dancing!:)

Unknown said...

I'm in Minnesota. We have Gov. Tim Pawlenty (TP),
Michell Bachman(Bimbo),
Norm (stop the vote) Coleman,
not mention we are home to some of the craziest religious evangelicals.

I can't move, so I signed up on Al Frankens team to defeat Coleman. The door knocking was interesting. A real experience in trying to understand the oppositions viewpoint.

You should be lucky that you have a few sane politicians.