Monday, March 30, 2009

internets and crochet

had a spot of internet troubles this morning- so i had to just have my morning cuppa sans google reader. yeah. bit of withdrawal there for me. well, after my cuppa, i had chores and whatnot and since the issue with the computer is because our router for the xbox sucks- and my keyboard stops working for no reason and i have to restart in order to type (2 separate issues you see) i decided to give it up for the day. i shut 'er down and finished my chores and went to crocheting. yep.

gray, damp and gloomy here today- and decidedly chilly. does nothing for my head and sinuses. but tea and a hot shower does. that's where i am headed. perhaps i will be lurking later- or not. at the peace tree tomorrow- i will link it up directly then. namaste.


Unknown said...

My allergies are driving me insane..wait..some folks think I am already insane. ;p

Its warm here today ...wish you were here m'dear. ;)

enigma4ever said...

it's okay- grey and gloomy here too....hang in there...sun and spring will come...and hey, everyone needs off from the internets sometime...