Saturday, March 28, 2009

here's the thing

mitch- and all ya'll other right wing morons who apparently aren't getting the fact that most folks are not at all interested in you-

we aren't interested in you.

it isn't simply that one of the most corrupt administrations in our history almost destroyed the country and the globe- they had help. it is about dismissing an entire mind set. it is about looking at your 'ideas' and platforms and ideology- and saying "no thanks." see, most folks are tired of the greedy, grasping, hate filled, fear mongering rhetoric. we are looking at reality square in the face and we see what you have done and why- and we realize, to a certain extent, that we don't like your small minded, rich comes first attitude.

so, let me break it down for you mitch- you have no new ideas. it was your set of ideas that we have lived under for almost 40 years and the only things to come out of them are poverty, war, fear, exploitation, and a ruined planet. we don't want your hypocritical 'family values' or your tax cuts that only benefit the rich. we don't want your 'trickle down' bullshit with unbridled capitalism- that never trickles down but sure as hell trickles up as the wealth gap is the largest in history.

if you cared at all about human beings in general, you wouldn't have put us in this situation in the first place. you put politics over country- and for 12 years plus- and you can't blame george w. for that.


jmsjoin said...

Them idiots did their job! That is why Bush left proud of his destruction. They destroyed our America and substituted theirs. Now it is up to Obama to try to rebuild our America if it is not too far gone!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

In Gdaeman's #9 pod cast, Obama is asked about his DOJ going after Bush. His rushed, mumbled response: "I don't think any laws were broken."

Georg said...

Hallo Betmo,

Didn't know you can be such a pasionaria.

But it could be that those past 8 years constitute a turning point for the USA and thus for the whole western world.

Future will tell.


WeezieLou said...

it's a semi-controversial stance....i actually don't want bush gone after. first tho, it must be said that OF COURSE laws were broken.

but the focus, $, intensity poured over Bill for a blow job - i do not want the congress to spend their days in this manner........

bush has put our country at an all time low, measured by any means. but time to let go of the (and i mean me, as well) righteous outrage
and put the energy into constuctve ideas. bushco always took the low-road. it's time to be bigger than him.

David G said...

Hey, Betmo, why don't you tell it like it is?

Good on you, gal! Give them heaps. I do. I probably don't achieve much but I feel better for it.

Obama in Europe. Wants to get more involved with Afghanistan. Wants to spend the world back into market capitalism.

Why are all U.S. Presidents so dumb?