Wednesday, March 11, 2009

google reader day

i did not read anything for two days. it's kinda full. brief recap of my day yesterday- and why i hate bureaucracy but understand certain needs for things too:

apartment building sale + code man+ picky crap+ holding up sale+ irritation beyond belief at the hours spent calling and researching for answers to picky crap = betmo's day.


so, here's hoping today is less frustrating as hubby is going to call and talk to the code man and fax him the crap we researched. so, i only went into the google reader for a bit. but here are some of the headlines i found:

loved this byline- we are being spoon fed stupid again

um chuck- while i hope that tex-ass secedes, i doubt you would be elected president

perhaps this explains why chuck wants tex-ass- rove lunches in tex-ass capitol

mary, mary- i realize you live with a dinosaur, but this is the 21st century. your lies don't work as well as they did throughout the rest of your career.

pentagon knowingly exposed troops to cancer causing chemicals- the treatment of our troops will be a lasting national shame forever.

national peace academy launched.

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